Solar & Battery Calculator

Look into the future!  The future is BRIGHT with Solar!

Estimate what your bills could be!

Discover what your next electricity bill could look like with solar power and compare them by adding in your optional battery. Using our Solar Calculator, we can show you how your savings can vary by season by analysing local weather data so you can see the difference.

Our Solar Calculator will help you calculate your overall payback time, with or without battery installation to help you make the best decision for your needs and budget!

How the calculator works

Consumption is where your home or premises is using the power generated from your solar system instead of power from the grid.


Exporting surplus solar for a “feed in” tariff


Total Savings (The calculator adds these 2 together to show your total savings). Adding a battery increases your consumption proportion so that you can utilise your solar energy at night reducing your bills even further.

Please note that adding in a battery will increase your payback time.