Commercial Solar

For many years Power Up Solar has been a leading commercial solar installer. Working across all industries we have gained knowledge in design and install to create a solution for everyone.

Power Up Solar offer options to suit all your commercial needs.  Ready to make the switch and Power Up your business? The process is easy.

  1. Call us today or fill in our contact form and one of our staff will be in touch
  2. We will conduct a thorough site analysis – why? Because we design packages to suit your needs
  3. We will provide you will with our system recommendation
  4. We will coordinate all paperwork and approvals
  5. Our accredited install team will carry out installation

With so much focus on sustainability and social responsibility, making the switch to solar will not just generate clean, green energy for decades but will also improve your social standing in the eyes of your customers.

Ask us how we can help you power your business with our range of Commercial Solar Packages to save you money on your energy costs.

Get everything you need when it comes to the best advice with Power Up Solar.