Battery Optimisation

Battery optimisation systems will keep your solar panel energy production system organised. A battery optimisation device or digital app will let you know how much power you are using and ensures efficient tracking of energy flow on an everyday basis.

A battery optimisation system will also inform you of the quantity of power being produced by your solar panels and the status of power back up, usage, and the amount of power going back to the grid.

The system will also let you compare your everyday usage, keeping track of those days when power usage spikes up. Monitor your usage in real-time and optimise your energy utilisation sustainably by predicting your energy usage patterns with a battery optimisation system.

evergen apps

Evergen software powers the move to a renewable, decentralised energy system of the future.  Evergen enables smarter energy with a mission to support Australia and the world, transition to a more resilient energy system.

Evergen is a range of renewable energy systems comprising of solar power, batteries and intelligent energy management software developed in partnership with the CSIRO.

Connected with the grid, you can then store solar power for when it’s needed and provide a cleaner and more reliable electricity system with its “Intelligent Control” Optimisation System.

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