Is your Solar Installer good enough?

How to find quality solar installers.

Considering a switch to solar power is no small undertaking especially given the minefield of products and different levels of quality and performance. 

Choice recently announced that complaints about the solar industry had doubled in the last year so we thought we would arm you with a few things you need to know when looking for quality solar amidst a “sometimes shady market.”

“Clean Energy Regulator inspections of residential solar installations show that about 16% of units are underperforming or not configured correctly and 4% are unsafe” says the Clean Energy Council and this really is unacceptable to us here at Power Up.  Installing a solar system is a massive investment from your time in the research involved to the actual financial investment.

So, let’s talk CEC (Clean Energy Council) accreditation.  If you are in the market for a new solar system then look for an CEC accredited installer who installs CEC accredited solar panels and inverters.  Purchasing a solar system without accreditation will be sure to leave you empty handed on the rebate front which could be cost you as much as $2000!

So, who is the Clean Energy Council? The CEC is endorsed by the ACCC (the Australian Competition and Consumer Council) which is doing its best to raise the game of installers and products within the Solar Industry. If your solar installer is accredited by the CEC, you can rest assured knowing that your installation will be completed to a high level of workmanship and importantly that it will comply with all the legal requirements to secure your government rebate.

Apart from accreditation you want to look for longevity.  Ensure the companies you are researching are based here in Australia so you have the support you might require after installation.  Don’t rely just on testimonials and look to ask for personal recommendations from friends, family or previous clients.  

Avoid anyone trying to sell you a solar system from overseas or who employs sales tactics that make you cringe and don’t get sucked into the good old FOMO.  Anyone who tries to rush your purchase can be ticked off your list of potential installers.

Head here to read our blog on “Why cheap solar could be costing you in the long run!”  for information on the importance of choosing quality well known products.

The best way to guarantee that your solar investment stands the test of time and continues to save you money on your energy bills is to only choose a quality, reliable Tier 1 brand that has been approved by the Clean Energy Council.  They keep a list of approved products from inverters and batteries to modules and panels that meet Australian Standards.  If the product you are looking at isn’t on the list then we suggest you keep looking.

Need more information?

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